1.)  No two pens are exactly alike, each one is “one of a kind”. Due to the variances in wood grain, and very slight differences in color. Even though the blanks may be cut from the same tree, even the same branch. Pen & pencil sets will be very close in color and grain, but never an exact match with each other. Every pen/pencil is unique.

2.)  Each pen or pencil is hand made with attention to detail. No two will be exactly the same.

3.)  Even in the computer age pens & pencils are used by most everyone on a daily basis.

4.)  Beautiful gifts that are one of a kind & will last a life time.  Every time someone picks up their pens to write, they will think of you.

5.)  The luxury and feel of polished wood coupled with the weight of a well balanced writing instrument is a unique pleasure that you will enjoy every time you pick up the pen or pencil.

6.)  New designs, woods, or categories could be added daily so keep coming to my page and check it out.

7.)  Pen & pencils are hand made and require approx. a week lead time at this point. However, order early to avoid additional lead times due to volume.

8.)  Pen design, wood, hardware color can be special ordered.

9.)  Accessories, such as gift boxes, pen refills, pencil leads can be ordered as well.

10.)  A standard shipping fee of $7.20 will be added to each shipped order. FREE SHIPPING WITH ORDERS OF $150.00 OR MORE.

11.)  Georgia customers, please add 7% sales tax.

12.)  Satisfaction is always guaranteed.